The Dry Creek Valley Association was originally established to protect the lands, waters and overall natural resources of our valley. In the beginning, it was the mining of gravel from the Dry Creek that brought us together. As a team we defended the valley from short-sighted interests that had little regard for long term effects and degradation to the incredibly precious qualities in this place we call home. Since those early days, the DCVA has continued its vigil: watching, listening, learning and educating its residents about projects brought here by industrial, commercial, County, and State entities with the potential to cause significant damage to our natural environment.

In addition to this goal of protecting our environment, the DCVA has focused on ways to enhance our valley’s natural resources and rural character through restoration projects. These efforts are coordinated through our Natural Resources Committee. Over the years, this committee has been composed of an amazing array of scientists, lawyers, local long-term resident farmers and public planning professionals who care deeply for this very special place.

Recent News from Natural Resources